Costi is living with Kirsi Mundolin and is a very nice boy. Kirsi has had Malinois longer than I have so he is in good hands. He is the devious little brother to three Dachshunds.


G-litter is unique blend of old and new thru the old semen of HELLIOT and new generation breeding of Lily. I am very grateful to MMe and M LePeuch as well as MMe and M Didierjean for this possibility to have this litter. It is a one time really only when Helliot´s line will be combined with Lilys lines. Helliot represents very much the old type I love from old days. Lily is a blend of Vauroux lines that I know well with lovely characters and then mixed to intervariety dog Vleunienn whom I loved instantly when I met her in NE France.



Hips C/C
Eyes OK
Bite not correct
Testicles 2
Elbows 0/0
Back lumbosacral transitional vertebra LTV0 (normal)
vertebral anomaly VA0 (normal)

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Memories over the years in images

Helsinki Winner 2014

(c) Pia Koskinen

(c) Pia Koskinen
(c) Pia Koskinen
(c) Päivi Lotila