Fanny was born born April 22, 2010in the home of Mme Beillault kennel of des Loups du Breuil. Mme Beillault has a very long breeding history in Schipperkes with kennel names of des Loups du Breuil and de l'Erdre Verte (currently Mme Beillaults daughers kennel name). Here is a link to des Loups du Breuil website.

Thank you again Marianne and Jacques Sigwalt for helping me and great thanks Mme Beillault for letting lovely Baby to come here. Fanny is living in the family of Enni, Eeli, Heidi and Teemu Mäkinen.



Eyes 09/2011 OK
Back 09/2011 OK (Dr Per Axelsson)
Knees 0/0


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