Fleur-de-Lis "Lily" was born 14th of August 2010 in the Mr Christophe Latour´s kennel Maski du van Lappeenranta. Great thanks from the oppoturnity have her here in Finland as our team member and loved family dog as well. Lily lives with Kirsi Kauppila and big sister Danse in Hyvinkää.


She is from very interesting and nice combination of French breeding. I have been very fortunate to know many of the dogs in her pedigree personally - especially in the father´s - sr Artiste du Domaine de Vauroux - side. Rama, Mandy and Romulus du Domaine de Vauroux in French NE 2009 - all in veteran class - were classical type malinois still at super condition. Artiste is also competing in Tracking III and his father Romulus in Mondioring III - both are examples that also a beautiful malinois can still work. Artiste is strongly linebred to du Domaine de Vauroux foundation female RE Jiva de la Closerie the Yenda - a female known for puppies with lovely and social caracters. In the pedigree is present also sisters Orange and Orwell du Domaine de Vauroux and beauties of the past RE Lift de la Terre Aimee, RE Steed du Hameau StBlaise, RE Icare de la Terre Aimee, and Hepona du Domaine de Bauge.


Mother is an intervariety female sr Maski du van Lappeenranta Vleunienn. She is a lovely female with interesting pedigree combining breedings of two French kennels each having a huge impact in their own varieties: du Mas de la Galandie and de Condivicnum. So the father is RE Oris du Mas de la Galandie and mother a fauve tervueren Ma Dalton de Condivicnum. Oris is from one most famous malinois litters ever and Ma Dalton is out of Lichen de Condivicnum and Gelinotte de Parc du Pathyvel.


Lily is the mother of Taikatalven G-litter with CH sr HELLIOT de l´Antre aux Cerberes. Thanks to modern technology this litter was possible to make even that Helliot is long gone regardless that he lived a long and healthy life to 14 years old.


27.2.2015 is a day that I want to forget. Lily was hit by a train in a tragic accident and she passed away. We had a lots of plans for her, but most of all she was a loved family member by us and Kirsi. Danse will miss her sorely as all of us. Farewell Lily...


Lily in KoiraNet.


Hips BB
Eyes 09/2011 (OK)
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/0
Back 09/2011 (OK) - Dr Per Axelsson


Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Testicles Bite Died Caracter Show Working Owner
Fauroux M 2    
Faramineuse F  
Feline F                    
Femme Fatale F                    
Flora F                    
Fennie F   Ch USA  

Titles, shows...

Group 4 1.5.2011 Puppy Show Lahti (Maija Sylgren)
JW11 Finnish Junior Winner 2011 (Mme Heraly)
NORDJW11 10.12.2011 Nordic Junior Winner, Stockholm (Marion Ten Cate)

Memories over the years in images

Finnish Specialty 2013

(c) Pia Koskinen


Finnish Specialty 2011

(c) Pia Koskinen