Gemma is living with Maarit and big sister Elli - CIE Taikatalven Ellain. I am so happy when one girl was born and I could let Maarit know that here she is - Elli has a little sister.



Gemma is the only girl in the Duubiduu litter and one of our future hopes.

G-litter is unique blend of old and new thru the old semen of HELLIOT and new generation breeding of Lily. I am very grateful to MMe and M LePeuch as well as MMe and M Didierjean for this possibility to have this litter. It is a one time really only when Helliot´s line will be combined with Lilys lines. Helliot represents very much the old type I love from old days. Lily is a blend of Vauroux lines that I know well with lovely characters and then mixed to intervariety dog Vleunienn whom I loved instantly when I met her in NE France.

*** *** ***

"There are luxury horses and then there are working horses" - said a very famous breeder judge in NE France 2015... That moment is forever in my mind, but I realised here it also applies to Gemma. She has been in the junior classes our Black Horse - the luxury horse - to do much better always than expected. First in Finnish Specialty a BOB Junior, then in European Dog Show Specialty, Oslo, again a BOB Junior, but also a best female beating up several well known female Champions ending up as the next day European Junior Winner and again a BOB Junior.

2015 included also a different achievement that I am very happy. In NE France shw placed as 3rd in very competetive Classe Jeune, but what is more importan she passed CANT, the Herding Instinct test.

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2016 started in Sweden this time. In the Ivö Regional under breeder judge Tish Gaffey she won females and was a BIS1 Open Class dog. So a second specialty female win for Gemma. It is always very hard for a malinois to beat long haired varieties and especially when a female has just entered to Open Class and other competitors can be up to 8 years old.

The major conformation goal was to collect the CACIBs needed for C.I.E. and that happened in mid November in Riga, Latvia.

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Gemma is having her own facebook album and can be accessed HERE regardless you have facebook or not.



Hips B / B
Eyes OK 12/2015
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0 /0
Character CANT (NE France 2015)

Titles, shows, working...

EEJW15 Estonian Junior Winner 2015
BOB Junior, BIS4 Junior Finnish Specialty 2015
CANT Passed Herding Instinct Test NE France 2015
BOS 2015 European dog show Specialty, Oslo, Norway (Bente Harlem)
BOB Junior, BIS2 Junior 2015 European dog show Specialty, Oslo, Norway (Bente Harlem)
EUJW15 European Junior Winner 2015 (Rafael Malo Alcrudo)
BOS 5.5. Regional Specialty Ivö (Tish Gaffey)
BIS1 Open Class 5.5. Regional Specialty Ivö (Tish Gaffey)
BALTW16 12.11 Riga, Latvia
C.I.E. 03/2017 International Show Champion

Memories over the years in images

(c) Päivi Lotila

NE France 2015

(c) Vivi Heyer

Finnish Specialty 2015

(c) Pia Koskinen