Gipper is living with Anita and Ole in Trondheim, Norway. He is the little brother to Brasilianterrier Duke and Tervueren Silver.

He is the Yellow Duubiduu and lived with us here @Taikatalvi up to time he was 9 weeks old and he became very loved family member also for us.

He is the second malinois in the family, first being Charlie - Taikatalven Dreamcatcher.

G-litter is unique blend of old and new thru the old semen of HELLIOT and new generation breeding of Lily. I am very grateful to MMe and M LePeuch as well as MMe and M Didierjean for this possibility to have this litter. It is a one time really only when Helliot´s line will be combined with Lilys lines. Helliot represents very much the old type I love from old days. Lily is a blend of Vauroux lines that I know well with lovely characters and then mixed to intervariety dog Vleunienn whom I loved instantly when I met her in NE France.


Gipper has had a most amazing Puppy Show career for non-traditional show dog breed male. His fluid, ground covering movements and all-loving attitude with very nice breed type have been keys to the win with lovely handling by Anita. Really a nice pair to follow in rings.

July 2015 Gipper moved back to Finland. He is currently living with me and looks for a nice working oriented home.



Hips A/A
Eyes OK
Testicles 2
Bite Level
Elbows 0/0
Back OK/2015
Character BH

Titles, shows, working...

BIG2 31.8.2014 Puppy Show (Marion Ten Cate)
BOB-puppy 6.9.2014 Norwegian Specialty(Beata Strybova)
BOS-puppy 7.9.2014 Norwegian Specialty (Thomas Nallin)
BIG2 21.9.2014 Puppy Show (Irene Krogstad)
BIG1 & BIS3 8.11.2014 Puppy Show
BIG1 & BIS3 19.11.2014 Puppy Show (Tanja Hulsund and Rune Tyvolt)
BH Behavior test passed 09/2015
RL1 Rally Obedience 1 title