Goldie was born 7th July 2006 in the kennel Baiser Orageux, France. Until recently she was owned by the breeder Claire van den Busshe. In the brink of winter 2007 she packed her things and left French cuisine for good and moved to Finland.

She is a wonderful piece of breeding and personality. We are very happy to have her with us. She will learn the Finnish alphabet in the gentle guidance of my Old Ladies.

... and if Finland is starting to be far too boring place for a Parisian Golden Girl - I am sure Roni and Goya will be more than happy to show her around.

So far she has been shown only once in 18.11.2006 Clubmatch K.U.C.B.H. with judge Mme. M-F VARLET, France in Puppy Class with Trés Prometteur (very promising).


At the beginning of 2009 the little Parisian has transformed to real Finnish lady. When you know her personality it is impossible not to love her.


Goldie has adjusted to live with Ida and Kami with amazing grace. Her best friend is Kami and they are constantly running and playing. Ida is the boss of the pack and Goldie looks at her reverently.  Goldie´s favourite hobby after playing is exploring - the Finnish Forest.  When all of us go to long walks she is constantly running and looking for something new. She is happiness at purest form when she finds something new to look at.


In the shows she is usually very calm and collected as ladies are. In her short show career so far she has collected RCAC from German DKBS 50 year Jubiläum show, 3 x CAC in Finland - one from Finnish Specialty being the best female and BOS and one CACIB from Finland.


Goldie is mother to Taikatalven D- and E-litters.


In her litters Goldie has left a lovely legacy in Taikatalven kennel. Happy, confident and active puppies that have grown to healthy and nice representatives for the breed.


Regardless of that she is really a sweet happy girl that sleeps in my


Hips A / A
Eyes 11/2007 OK, 01/2009 OK, 10/2010 OK
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0 / 0
Finnish Character test 93 pts

Goldie in KoiraNet


Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Testicles Bite Died Caracter Show Working Owner
Bold Move M Mystique Malinois, USA
B'Castor M Winalmik's kennel, Italy
Beau M  
B'Grouchenka F
B'Zinaida F

Memories over the years in images


Finnish Specialty 2012

(c) Pia Koskinen

Finnish Specialty 2012

(c) Pia Koskinen

Danish Specialty 2010

(c) Pia Koskinen

FMBB Specialty 2014

(c) Pia Koskinen


Finnish Specialty 2015

(c) Pia Koskinen