Hevi is living in Kintaus with Katri Halttunen and her family. He is also having there a bigh brother Dusty - sr DREAM du Crepuscule des Loups. Katri was first one ever to reserve a puppy from Kaneli. I am not sure had Kaneli even then touched the Finnish soil, no idea of health clearances or the male to be used. It took some years but finally he has arrived. Dusty was not so sure it is a good idea to have a puppy at home, but after some weeks he is warming up for the idea.

This litter pedigree is very unique as sire AIX du Mas des Lavandes is born in 1985. AIX is very unique malinois having a BOB in NE France, but also many working titles including a RCI3. Even that I am not as a breeder or competitor interested in btiting sports - I am very interested of dogs having working ability.




Hips A/A
Eyes OK
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/1
Back OK

Titles, shows, working...


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