Ida was born and bred in Odense, Danmark in kennel Løkkegården´s in 9th of January 1993.  Ida was imported to Finland with the kind help of Tuula Laukka (kennel Tuulilaukan) and Merja Kurttila. Ida is my first Malinois and a real treasure as a showdog, working dog and a most loyal companion – a rare soul that I am really honored to have been able to cherish for all these years.

Now when she is a real old Lady I could not admire her attitude to the life even more – just enjoy it to the fullest.

From the beginning travelling to Finland with her was an experience.. trains.. aeroport and flight to Helsinki.. No fear of anything.. just a lot of action :)

In many ways she is the ideal Malinois to me in terms of caracter, expression and working abilities.

Highlight of her career was definitely in the 1999 French National when three of her puppies became sujet recommandé and Ida became the first Scandinavian bred Belgian Sheepdog ever to claim the title Reproductrice d'Elite A.

So from the bottom of my heart – Mette and Henrik Juul – Thank You from Ida – she is a joy and marvel in my life.





Ida passed away on 17th of March 2009. Even now that I am writing this in the beginning of Summer 2009 it is difficult to understand that she is not here. You always know that this day is coming - but cannot be really prepared for it. Sorrow and feeling of emptiness is too vast. 


I still look for her occasionally in the forest walks... what she is doing and where she is..  So it is not goodbye Ida, but farewell - we will meet again.


Hips A / A
Eyes OK (94, 97, 00)
Bite Scissor

Ida in the Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet


Ida has only one litter with RE E Ch IAGO du Haut Bayle A – Taikatalven A puppies.

Titles, shows, working...

FIN MVA Finnish Champion
S MVA Swedish Champion
DK MVA Danish Champion – CAC in Danish National (Georges Sence) in 1994
KANS MVA International Champion
JK3 Winners class in tracking / pistage
VK2 Open class relay
s.r. Sujet Recommandé – French National 1996
RE Reproductrice d'Elite A – French National 1999
NORDW95 Nordic Winner 1995
TAN (TS) Test de Comportement (National Elevage 1996), Caracter test in France
LTE 120 pts (+1) Character test in Finland