Jolie was born in Belgium kennel Terril des Loups 21st of May 2010. Jolli is living with big brother Goya with Hanne Juutinen.

Mother of Jolie is Deasy du Terril des Loups. Deasy won RCAC on NE Belgium 2010 under judge Yves Dambrain (kennel du Maugre). Deasy is a very happy, beautiful a stunningly red coloured female. Father of Deasy is the same as our Goya - Strike du Domaine de Vauroux. Mother of Deasy is the foundation female of Terril des Loups - Vanda. Strike and Vanda are cousins via Steed and Siwask du Hameau St. Blaise. Father of Jolie is FCh Uilleann du Mas des Lavandes - a beautiful male who is a search and a rescue dog. Uilleann is out of RE FCh Lift de la Terre Aimee and RE FCh RayBann du Mas des Lavandes. Lift is a Maubray son that I have met as a youg beautiful male in NE 1999 and as old gentleman in NE 2009 and he was always a beauty and well behaved male. RayBann is having very interesting origins via extremely beautiful FCh Oris du Mas de la Galandie as well as RE Nike de la Source Sainte Philomene out of breeding combining old Lavandes, Ventadour and Colombophile lines.

Jolli became C.I.E. at very early age thanks to Hanne´s activity and of course her type and beauty. First CACIB came from Sweden on the day she was 15 monts old and the last one from Finland when she was 2 years and 3 months old. In the between was 6 CACIBs from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Danmark.

Jolli finished her show year 2012 with a superb BOB in Stora Stockholms Nordic Winner and BIG4.

She is filling the promise I saw as a lovely puppy and she is growing up as elegant, intense red and superbly moving female, but first of all she is a fun young lady.

Great thanks to Gaston and Claire Cornu letting this lovely and fun girl to fly to Finland.




Hips BB
Eyes 09/2011 (OK), 04/2013 (OK)
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/0
Back 09/2011 OK - Dr Per Axelsson
Other Jolli has had seizures and is out of the breeding program.


Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Testicles Bite Died Caracter Show Working Owner
Jack M 2    
June F  
Java F                    
Jaleika F                    
Jyps F                    
Junon F    

Titles, shows...

LTJW11 Lithuanina Junior Winner 2011 (Thomas Rolin)
BOB Junior 2.6.2011 Regional Specialty Ivö Sweden (Julie Fynmore, Australia)
BIS4 Junior 2.6.2011 Regional Specialty Ivö Sweden (Julie & Craig Fynmore, Australia)
BOS-junior 11.6.11 Finnish Specialty (Hana Pisarcikova)
SV11 Swedish Winner 2011
BOB Junior Swedish NE (Hana Pisarcikova)
BIS2-Junior Swedish NE (Hana Pisarcikova & Dr Gilbert Schaffner)
NORDW11 10.12.2011 Nordic Winner, Stockholm (Marion Ten Cate)
BOB intermediate, BIS2 intermediate, BOS 2012 Regional Specialty Ivö
KBHV12 17.6.2012 Copenhagen Winner (Guy Jeavons, Canada)
CIE 25.8.2012 Champion International Exposition
DKCH Danish Champion
NORDW12 Nordic Winner 2012, Herning Denmark
DKCH Danish Champion
SW12 Swedish Winner 2012
Group4 Stora Stockholm 2012, Hjorth Leif Ragnar
TLNW13 Tallinn Winner 2013
EE CH Estonian Champion
BOB 2013 Regional Specialty Ivö (Marion Ten Cate)
BIS3 Open, BIS3 2013 Regional Specialty Ivö (Marion Ten Cate)
BOS-Champion 2013 Regional Specialty Stockholm (Michel Griol)
HEW13 Helsinki Winner 2013 (Maija Sylgren)
BOG1, BIS1 12.1.2014 Lahti Group show (Harry Tast)
LV CH Latvian Champion
Group 3 23.2.14 Valmiera, Latvia (Harto Stockmari)
BIS1 17.5.2014 Working dog Specialty Helsinki (Harry Tast)
GROUP3 28.6. 2014 Forssa (Giuseppe Alessandra)
GROUP1 26.7 Porvoo (Nina Janger)
BIS1 26.7 Porvoo (Päivi Eerola)
BOB Champion 2.8 Swedish Specialty (Amanda McLaren)
BIS2 Champion 2.8 Swedish Specialty (Amanda McLaren and Trevor Wheeler)
NCH Norwegian Champion
NW14 Norwegian Winner 2014 Oslo (Marion Ten Cate)
NORDW14 Nordic Winner 2014 Oslo (Colm Hastings)
W14 Finnish Winner 2014 (Jeff Horswell)
SV14 Swedish Winner 2014 (Nina Karlsdotter)
BOB, BIS4 2015 Regional Specialty Ivö (Babs Robinson)
Group4 30.5.2015 Iitti (Marianne Holm)
BIS1 Champion 6.6. 2015Regional Specialty Stockholm, Sonny Ström
BOB, BIS2 6.6.2015 Regional Specialty Stockholm, Sonny Ström
EUW15 6.9. 2015 European dog show , Oslo, Norway (Rafael Malo Alcrudo)
NORDW15 Nordic Winner 2015
HEW15 Helsinki Winner 2015
Group2 10.1.2016 Kajaani (Harry Tast)
Group1, BIS1 13.3.2016 Nurmes (Group Maija Sylgren, BIS Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa)
BIS1 Open 6.5 Regional Specialty Ivö (Jan Ralph)
BOS 6.5 Regional Specialty Ivö (Jan Ralph)
Group1 12.6.2016 Tammela (Maija Mäkinen)
Group2 9.7.2016 Kokkola (Harry Tast)
Group 2 31.7.2016 Porvoo (Nina Janger)
Group 2

8.8 .2016 Nokia (Harry Tast)

Group 3 4.9.2016 Helsinki (Birgitta Svarstad)
Group 4 19.9.2016 Hyvinkää (Chrlotte Hoyer)
SW16 4.12.2016 Swedish Winner 2016 (Jesper Andersson)
HEW16 Helsinki Winner 2016 (Sonny Ström)

Memories over the years in images

Finnish Specialty 2011

(c) Pia Koskinen

Finnish Specialty 2012

(c) Pia Koskinen

Dutch Specialty 2012

(c) Mont Alves

Nordic Winner 2013

(c) Pia Koskinen

FMBB Specialty 2013

(c) Pia Koskinen

World Winner 2014

(c) Pia Koskinen


Finnish Specialty 2015

(c) Pia Koskinen

Finnish Specialty 2015

(c) Pia Koskinen