Kami was not chosen to stay at home with any intelligence or higher motives. When she was just born and wet in my hand I just knew that she is not sold, but will be staying at home for the rest of her life. Intuition that I have not regretted ever since.

She and her other blond half – Viiru – did arrange... Well I have no idea how many surprises over the years, but she was always the innocent looking one of the two villains. It is quite easy to forgot how much power and temperament lies in that quiet and calm looking expression, but when Kami decides to show it I know I am again in the deep trouble.

In her older days she is the playful companion of her mother and remarkably they have not in 11 years had any fights, but they just seem to know the limits so well and having fun together.

Championships came easily to her as well as sujet recommandé in French National 1999. She was BOB both days in Swedish National 1999 with Mme Berton-Sarlat and M Griol. In the relay competitions the was execellent – not the fastest as she wanted to travel on her own tracks and routes – but only once in her working career she was left without the result.

So from a intuition she grew to be a real sweet Malinois with huge amount of temperament to be used if she chose so.


Kami finished her show career in Finnish specialty 2011 being the oldest dog in the show like her mother Ida some years before. Now she is retired and enjoys forest walks as the supreme lady of the house. What an incredible career she had, but still it is secondary - for me she is always the apricot colored wet puppy that I instantly fell love with.



Hips B / B
Eyes OK (97, 00)
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0 / 1

Kami in the Finnish Kennel Club KoiraNet


Kami has only one litter with sr F Ch HELLIOT de l´Antre aux Cerberes A – Taikatalven Camomilla

Titles, shows, working...

FIN MVA Finnish Champion
S MVA Swedish Champion
RUS MVA Russian Champion
LV MVA Latvian Champion
RKFV-07 Russian Kynological Federation Winner 2007
BALTW-07 Baltic Winner 2007
NORDW-07 Nordic Winner 2007
VK3 Winner class relay
s.r. Sujet Recommandé – French National 1999
TAN (TS+) Test de Comportement (National Elevage 1999), Caracter test in France
WVW10 World Veteran Winner 2010

Group placements

BIS3 Swedish National 1999
BIS3 Veteran 5.5.2007 Working Dog Show
BIS 3 Working Dog 5.5.2007 Working Dog Show
Group 4 12.5. 2007 Hamina
BIS 3 Veteran 12.5. 2007 Hamina
BIS 3 Veteran 12.8. 2007 Helsinki
BIS1 Foreign Dog 1.5.2008 Regional Specialty in Ivö, Sweden
BIS4 Honorary Veteran 1.5.2008 Regional Specialty in Ivö, Sweden
BIS1 Veteran 4.5.2008 Parikkala
BIS1 Brace 10.5.2008 DKBS Specialty, Wenden, Germany with Taikatalven Ablaze
BIS1 Brace 11.5.2008 DKBS 50 year Jubilee, Wenden, Germany with Taikatalven Ablaze
BIS1 Brace 3.7.2008 Circuit Show, Swedish Specialty with Taikatalven Ablaze
BIS1 Veteran 19.7.2008 Tampere, Finnish National Specialty
BIS2 Veteran Finnish National Specialty 2009
BIS1 Veteran Circuit Regional Specialty Danmark 2010

Memories over the years in images


Danish Specialty 2010

(c) Pia Koskinen