Sometimes there is a reason for what happens and I think there is now why Kelmi came to Marja and especially when now. I am very happy that this happened just now and he is in this family.

Kelmi lives in Myllykoski with Marja Tuominen and her family. There is another malinois in the family also - older brother for Kelmi to show all the tricks needed in life. He is USA import bred by Susie Williamson: Lauri - Merson´s Patriot.

Kelmi has started already tracking and obedience training.

This litter pedigree is very unique as sire AIX du Mas des Lavandes is born in 1985. AIX is very unique malinois having a BOB in NE France, but also many working titles including a RCI3. Even that I am not as a breeder or competitor interested in biting sports - I am very interested of dogs having working ability.




Hips A/A
Eyes OK, 11/2016
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/0
Back OK, 11/2016 Axelsson
Character BH

Titles, shows, working...

BH 05/2017

Memories over the years in images

Kelmi 04/2017

Kelmi 04/2017