Kide lives in Hyvinkää area and has a big sister Danse, Danse du Soleil du Crepuscule des Loups. I have co-owned with Kirsi my foundation female RE IntCh Låkkegårdens INFERNO, sr IntCh Taikatalven APRICOT, Taikatalven AFIRE, Maski du van Lappeenranta FLEUR-DE-LIS and Danse.

Kide was the troublemaker in the litter, too much speed in every occasion, but still he is very sweet. People call him Hosuli what could be translated as busybody, but mostly he is very easy going boy.

Kide has been shown already in adult classes and has his first CAC.



Hips C/C
Eyes 11/2016 OK
Elbows 0/0
Back 11/2016 OK Axelsson

Titles, shows, working...

HEJW16 Helsinki Junior Winner 2016 (Sonny Ström)

Memories over the years in images

Finnish Specialty 2016

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