Craig is co-owned with Merja Kurttila and lives with her.

Great Thanks to Sharryn and Stephen Lewis for allowing him to fly to far away Finland from Australia. Craig and Julie Fynmore, without you we would not have him, so also thanks to you - a meeting in Loire, France - Chateau Chambord - did have unexpected consequences, but we are very happy.

Craig is a super social, wild and funny puppy. Really a ray of sunshine and joy


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The little big man could not get a better start for his show career as being the BOB Junior in Finnish Kelpie Specialty and then in Oslo, Norway, European Junior Winner 2015.



Craig in Finnish Kennel Club Database: HERE






Hips B/B
Eyes 12/2015 OK
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/0
Back LTV4
Patellas 12/2015 OK
Heart 12/2015 OK

Titles, shows, working...

EEJW15 Estonian Junior Winner 2015 (Maija Sylgren)
EEW15 Estonian Winner 2015 (Maija Sylgren)
EUJW15 European Junior Winner 2015, Oslo, Norway
BOB Junior Finnish Kelpie Specialty 2015
BALTW16 Baltic Winner 2016
PLW16 Polish Winner 2016
PZW16 Poznan Winner 2016