Pinja is the very reason why this litter happened. I waited a long time for a suitable female and got much more than I did expect when Pinja´s mother Kaneli arrived to Finland. I immediately knew that I have something special in my hands in many ways. Kaneli is not perfect, but for me she is a dream come true and a hunt for suitable males for her started at the time I saw her in Vierzon, France, in Le Mas des Lavandes. I am immensely grateful for Mme Auriant that I could have the pick female puppy from such a litter.

So when I started to spin males in my head I rememberred Gag de Shannendoah from NE France. Lovely dog, but especially what I noticed then that she is a AIX-daughter so there at least has been semen stored. I had used his son HELLIOT de l´Antré aux Cerberes before and visited Helliot´s breeders that also owned Aix. To my delight soon Aix flew to Finland for storage and waiting for Kanelis health clearances and coming to an age. So this litter is a really cooperation of many friends - Thank You also Michele and Bruno Didierjean for the oppotunity to use semen of Aix.

When pregnancy was confirmed I was over the top and also a bit nervous. Litter will be quite small and is there any females. Well, Pinja was the first born and then came the brothers.

The name Haute Couture is French and literally translated means "high sewing" or "high dressmaking" or "high fashion". In Wikipedia it is explained like this: "Haute couture is fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques." I have always admired any artist relying on the past and trying to create something new from scratch and still have a relationship to history. I feel we breeders are very much the same so Taikatalven Haute Couture it is.

Afterall this many could think that there is too much weight on puppy shoulders, but really not so. She is our family member, grows in peace and then we will see how she will turn out eventually. She is loved as she is.

Pinja has started her show career with a bang. She has done well with allrounders and breeder judges. Always a happy girl with an attitude in the ring.



Hips B/B
Eyes OK
Bite Scissor
Elbows 0/0
Back OK/ Axelsson
Character CANT

Titles, shows, working...

TLNJW16 Tallinn Junior Winner 2016
TLNW16 Tallinn Winner 2016
EEJW16 Estonian Junior Winner 2016
EEW16 Estonian Winner 2016
EEJCH Estonian Junior Winner
BIS2 Junior 5.5 Regional Specialty Ivö (Tish Gaffey)
BIS1 Junior 6.5 Regional Specialty Ivö (Jan Ralph)
BIS2 Junior 18.6 Finnish Specialty (Michel Griol for breed, Mme Berton for BIS)
CANT 21.8.2016 NE France
DKW16 Danish Winner 2016
TLNW17 Tallinn Winner 2017

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