News 2008

28.12 Update Some pics from Finnish Winter in Picasa page.
17.12 Update Gallery updated. Sections Triptychs Only One & Don Juan & Theo & Vanille du Crepuscule des Loups and Reglisse de la Terre Aimee in colours and black and white. There is also a new section: Varieties.
16.12 Update Some pics available from the littermates of Danse in Picasa album page.
14.12 Update Updated Imports.
13.12 Helsinki Winner Dusty 2 vg in junior class, Goya G in intermediate class, Roni G in veteran class and Kami 2 exc in veteran class. Amazingly Lauri - Merson´s Patriot in his first junior class show 1exc, best male, CAC, BOS and Junior Winner 2008 and Winner 2008. Congratulations Marja, Make and Susie.(Kirsti Louhi)
22.11 Update Gallery updated: Sections Løkkegården's Inferno, Goya du Terril des Loups, Mixed Groups, Dream du Crepuscule des Loups, Merson´s Patriot and Goldie du Baiser Orageux and a new section: Equus C..
22.11 Update Updated Imports.
22.11 Jyväskylä Dusty juniorclass exc1, BOB-junior, 2nd best male and CAC. (Elina Haapaniemi)
9.11 Nordic Winner, Herning, Denmark Dusty juniorclass VG2, Goya intermediate class EXC1, Roni working class VG2 and Goldie open class VG2. Congratulations for Boholdt Family of BOB, CAC-CACIB and new Danish Champion & Nordic Winner 2008 FAUST van Balderlo. (Peter Machetanz, Germany)
25.10 Seinäjoki Dusty Junior class VG1 (Zoran Brankovich, Serbia).
19.10 Hämeenlinna Today Dusty leaved puppy classes behind with 1 exc junior class and 3rd best male with RCAC, Goya second best male with CAC, Roni best male and BOB and BOB-veteran. Goldie was best female and BOS. Lauri was the BOB-puppy and his time in puppy classes is also coming to an end (Gunilla Skallman, Sweden).
7.10 Update Gallery updated: Sections Løkkegården's Inferno, Taikatalven Ablaze, Goya du Terril des Loups, Mixed Groups and a new section: Taikatalven Seasons.
28.9 Agility World Championship, Helsinki Some pics available in Picasa album page.
27.9 Update Gallery updated: Sections Løkkegården's Inferno, Taikatalven Ablaze and Apricot, Goya du Terril des Loups, Mixed Groups, Groenendael (A-Te-Ell´s Monsieur Pascha).
24.9 Update Links updated.
21.9 Orivesi Dusty BOS puppy (Antti Nieminen)
20.9 Hyvinkää Lauri BOB puppy and Dusty second best male puppy. Goya VG1 and Goldie VG1 (Päivi Eerola)
14.9 Riihimäki, Puppy Show Dusty best male puppy. Pics from Riihimäki in Picasa album page.
13.9 Porvoo Lauri BOB puppy and Dusty 2nd best puppy with honours. Goya BOB with CAC. (Jaana Hartus) Vaula-Riikka Heikkilä´s photos of today: Foxy Elessar Album.
11.9 Update Dusty´s Family page updated. Thank you Hana and Martine from all the pictures.
10.9 Update Gallery updated: Sections Taikatalven Ablaze, Goya du Terril des Loups, Dream du Crepuscule des Loups, Posters, Triptychs, Mixed Groups, World Malinois and Tervueren (Xurco de l´Ocre Noir, Casfan Gallant Arco and Kuunsirpin Oceanic Storm), renamed Aliens to Aliens & Maliens and new section Merson´s Patriot.
6.9 Helsinki Dusty BOB puppy. Goya 3rd best male with RCAC. Roni 2nd best male and BOB veteran. Golden 3rd best female. (Marja Talvitie)
30.8 Porvoo Lauri BOB puppy. Kami BOB veteran, best female and BOS. Goya best male, CAC and BOB. (Jesper Andersson, Sweden)
25.8 Lahti Goya passed BH test today (Leila Tikkanen)
24.8 Valkeakoski Dusty BOB puppy, Roni exc1 veteran, best male, BOB and BOB veteran. Goya exc1 intermediate class, 2nd best male and CAC. Goldie exc1 open class, 2nd best female and CAC. Kami best female, BOS and BOS-veteran (Rita Kadike-Skadina, Latvia). Roni was also BIS3 veteran (Gert Christensen, Danmark)
23.8 Hämeenlinna Dusty BOB puppy, Roni exc1 veteran, best male, BOS and BOB veteran. Goldie vg1 open class and Kami 3rd best female and BOS-veteran.(Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany)
17.8 Heinola Dusty BOB puppy, Roni exc1 veteran, BOB veteran and 2nd best male and Goya, exc1 intermediate and 3rd best male with RCAC. Goldie exc1 open class, 4th best female and RCAC. (Zlatko Kraljic. Croatia)
11.8 Update Dusty hunting raspberries.
11.8, Rainbow Brigde Annis left today to the last journey weakened by the age and will join her littermates and friends that are already waiting for her.
10.8 Saarijärvi Dusty BOB puppy (Roel van Veen, Netherlands)
9.8 Nokia Dusty best male puppy, Goya 2nd best male with CAC, Goldie VG1 in open class, Kami best female, BOS and BOS-veteran. Roni best male, BOB, BOB-veteran and finally a BIS4 veteran. Judge was Harriet Franzen (Sweden) in breed ring and in the veterans Jozef Mravik (Slovakia)
28.7 Update Shoppe a new page for ordering photographs and posters from our photos.
28.7 Update Picasa albums updated: Malinois pics from Swedish National - Circuit 2008
23.7 Update Picasa albums updated: random shots of malinois females in Finnish National Specialty .
22.7 Update Picasa albums updated: random shots of malinois males in Finnish National Specialty .
21.7 Update Roni covered Goldie yesterday and Goya today.
19.7 Finnish National, Tampere In the puppy class splendid boys Dusty and Lauri were 1st and 2nd in males. Dusty was BOB puppy as well as BIS3 puppy. Goya exc1 in junior class, BOB junior and BIS4 junior with RCAC. Roni was exc1 in veteran males, 4th best male and BOS veteran. Goldie exc1 in open class and best female with CAC. She was also the best of the opposite sex. Kami was exc1 in female veterans, 3rd best female and BOB veteran as well as BIS1 veteran. Thank you Hanne, Heidi and Marko making this possible. Thanks also to Merkka, Pippi, Tiina and Katri for additional help in handling the dogs. Judge was Beatrice Schwarzentruber, CH.
17.7 Update Updated Puppy Plans.
13.7 Karjaa Roni BOB and BOB-veteran and Kami BOS and BOS-veteran. (Leni Finne)
12.7 Swiss National d´ Elevage, Switzerland Goya´s brother Gréco CACJ, Junior BOB and BOS as well as Uzes du Domaine de Vauroux CAC and BOB. (Mme Berton). Congatulations to Sigwalt Family and Gaston and Claire Cornu.
4.7 World Dog Show, Stockholm, Sweden Roni exc1 Champion with CACIB and World Winner (WW08), Goya exc1 Junior with CAC and BOB Junior and Junior World Winner (JWW08) and Goldie VG1 Intermediate. Thank you Annika Keto from the help in handling. (Horst Kliebenstain, Germany)
3.7 Circuit Show, Swedish Specialty Roni exc1 Champion, Goya exc1 Junior with CAC, Kami exc1 Veteran and Goldie VG1 Intermediate. Kami and Roni as a BIS1 pair.Thank you Annika Keto from the help in handling. (Jesper Andersson, Sweden)
29.6 Järvenpää Goya BOS and CAC, Roni 2nd best male and BOS-veteran, Goldie VG1 and Kami BOB and BOB-veteran (Kirsti Louhi)
28.6 Järvenpää Goya VG1, Roni BOS and BOB-veteran and Kami 2nd best female and BOS-veteran (Dominic Harris, Ireland)
19.6 Update Picasa albums updated: Merson Car Litter.
17.6 Update Updated Puppy Plans.
15.6, Forssa Goya CAC-CACIB and second best male, Roni best male as well as BOB and BOB-veteran. Kami best female and BOS & BOS -veteran (Gunnel Holm).
14.6, Erfurt, Germany Congratulations for Marianne and Jacques as well as breeders Gaston and Claire - Goya´s brother Gréco became today German Junior Champion with CACJ and BOB (Angel Garach-Domech, Spain)
7.6, Pieksämäki Goya got VG1 (EH1), Kami won females as BOS and BOS-veteran and Roni was the star of the day BOB, BOB-veteran (Wenche Eikesenth, Norway) and BIS1 Veteran (Marja Talvitie).
4.6 Update Gallery updated: sections Dream, Goya and Goldie. Thank you from the photos of Dusty´s Siblings - Šárka Velčovská, Hana Pisarčíková and Yves Demarque as well as Katri from Dusty playing football photos.
31.5, Iitti Roni best of breed and veterans. (Leni Finne)
25.5, Hamina Roni best of breed and veterans, Kami best of opposite sex in breed as well as veterans. Goldie VG1 (EH1). (Leni Finne)
24.5, Helsinki Roni third best male and BOS-veteran and Kami 2nd best female and BOB veteran. Goldie VG1 (EH1) and Goya best male, best of breed, CAC and his first CACIB. In addition Ceres Minnie won the groenendaels with CAC, CACIB.(Roger Vanhoenacker, Belgium)
23.5 Update Picasa albums updated: German National and 50 year jubilee.
18.5 Update A new page created to Picasa albums: Picasa
18.5, Rainbow Brigde Viiru arrived to Rainbow Bridge where Ansku and Jaffa were already waiting for him.
17.5, Pori Roni second best male and BOB-veteran as well as Goya as best male and BOB with CAC. (Cristian Stavarache, Romania).
10-11.5, Germany Complete German results: Saturday and Sunday.
10-11.5, Germany Special thanks from a great trip to Germany: Tiina, Helena, Hanne and Susie - the motor home angels... Also special thanks to Marianne and Jacques Sigwalt from immense help before the show as well as on site. Great thanks to Gaston and Claire Cornu for Goya and helping to show him when too many dogs were at the ring at the same time. Maria thanks from the German show ring lesson for dummies.
11.5 DKBS 50 year Jubiläum, Wenden, Germany Roni best in Honorary class for International Champions, Goldie V1 - winner of intermediate females with RCAC, Goya V2 - second in junior class - winner was brother Gréco, Kami BOB veteran and Veteran Sieger 2008.Kami and Roni BIS1 in couple class.
10.5 DKBS Specialty, Wenden, Germany Roni best in Honorary class for International Champions, Goldie V1 - winner of intermediate females, Goya V1 - winner of junior males - Jugend Sieger 2008 (Gréco V2), Kami BOB veteran and Veteran Sieger 2008. Kami and Roni BIS1 in couple class.
4.5 Parikkala Roni best male, BOS and BOS veteran; Goya 2nd best male with CAC; Goldie second best female with CAC and Kami BOB, BOB-veteran and BIS1-veteran.(Elena Ruskovaara)
3.5 Dortmund, Germany Congratulations Sigwalt Family as well as Gaston and Claire Cornu - Goya´s brother Gréco become today VDH-Europajugendsieger 2008 with CACJ as well as Uzés du Domaine de Vauroux VDH-Europasieger 2008 with CAC-CACIB. (Willemine van Dejl, NL)
1.5 Regional Specialty in Ivö, Sweden Roni was 1/2 CK in the veteran class, 4th best male and BIS1-honorary veteran (over 10 -year old dogs), Kami 1/1 HP, BOS -veteran and BIS4 honorary veteran, Goya won junior males 1/1 CK, best male, BOB, BIS2-junior, BIS4. I went to the special BIS for dogs owned by foreigners with all of our malinoises and we won BIS1 and a fist sized diamond! :). Pictures will follow later. Thanks Hanne, Tiina and Ann-Sofie for a fun trip and also big thanks to the Swedish organizers. (Janet Andrews, UK)
1.5 SPL tracking camp SPL tracking camp April 2008 photo gallery: pictures of Dusty and Katri in the beginning.
27.4 Update Gallery updated. We met Katri and Dusty yesterday and there is photos of Dusty alone and playing with Goldie.
26.4 Lahti Goya took his first BOB with CAC and was selected among the 7 best in the Group (Aleksandr Nikitin, Russia) , Roni second best male, BOB veteran (Roland Fors, Sweden) and BIS4 Veteran (Gunnar Nyman, Danmark). Congratulations Helena and Tiina for the Group 2 placement of Tervueren male Flammeus Chocolate Boy.
23.4 Update Gallery updated: Ida, Roni, Kami, Goya, Goldie, Groups as well as a new alien Moppe and Ceres Minnie pics in the groenendael section.
13.4 Wieselburg, Austria Goya´s brother Gréco took BOB & CACJ over his best friend Uzés du Domaine de Vauroux (BOS & CACIB) - congratulations for Sigwalt Family as well as breeders of Gréco Gaston and Claire Cornu.
13.4 Update Gallery updated: Roni, Kami, Goya, Goldie, Groups as well as malinoises from Merson Malinois USA: Ashley, Paloma, Peyton and Aero.
7.4 Update Thank you Mme Annie Goyet for emailing the beautiful photos from M Philippe Suter. There is new pictures of Dusty´s grandmother RE Reglisse de la Terre Aimée in the Dusty´s Family page as well as completely new page Siblings
5.4 Update Gallery updated as well as remodeled.
1.4 Update A-litter relatives page updated with the beautiful pictures of Mr Pedro Rico owner of RE RUBEN de la Belle Heaumiere and RE NYXIA du Mas des Lavandes - kennel Belle Heaumiere, France.
1.4 Update A - litter 12 years! Happy birthday and many more to come!
26.3 Update New page: Dusty
24.3 Lappeenranta Goya 2nd best male with CAC, Kami best female and BOS in both breed and veterans. Roni was best male, BOB on breed and veterans as well as Group 2. (Judge for breed and group was Elena Ruskovaara)
23.3 Update Updated Imports as Marja´s Lauri was selected in Texas and will arrive in May.
14.3 Update Preliminary results of Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Finland show dog competition of the year 2007 became public today. Malinois show dog: 1st Roni and 2nd was Kami. In the Best Veteran of all varieties Roni shared the 1st place with tervueren male Xurco de l´Orce Noir and Kami took the following place. In the Quality Dog of all varieties the order was Xurco, Kami and Roni as 4th (more than 100 dogs entered). The Best Puppy of all varieties was Goya.
11.3 Update Updated Imports and Dusty´s Info page.
10.3 Update Updated Imports as Dusty arrived.
6.3 Update Kami become today an International Champion as confirmation from FCI arrived. She is 3rd Int Ch in the A-litter and has CACIBs from Russia, Latvia (thanks from those Hanne), Sweden and Finland.
1.3 Update Roni´s Offspring , Roni´s Info and Goya´s Family pages updated.
23.2 Update Gallery section Taikatalven Malinois updated - pics of Taikatalven Blitzkrieg. A new page: Pupu´s Info added.
22.2 Update Updated Imports.
18.2 Update Pupu 8 years old pics added
10.2 Update Goya´s Family page updated.
10.2 Update Goya´s Info page updated.
8.2 Health issue Pupu had his ophtamology today and has healthy eyes. Goya´s official results arrived from the Finnish Kennel Club.
3.2 Update Gallery updated.
28.1 Health issue Goya had his ophtamology today and has healthy eyes. His shoulders and back were X-Rayed and are healthy - rest of the results in few weeks.
27.1 Turku Roni BOS Veteran and best male 4, Goya exc1 and RCAC in junior class, Kami BOB Veteran and 2nd best female (Dirk Spruyt, Belgium)
26.1 Update Gallery updated.
21.1 Update Gallery updated.
20.1 Lahti Roni BOB, BOB-veteran (Jaana Hartus) and also took Group4 placement (Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen)
18.1 Update Thank You Mari from new pics of Pupu
13.1 Update Gallery updated: Malinois Finnish National pictures 2007 by Nina Toivonen.
12.1 Update Gallery updated: Malinois Finnish National pictures 2007 by Nina Toivonen and Hanne´s pictures from Goya, Roni, Ida, Kami and Goldie as well as Workaholic Mahoney.
6.1 Update Roni´s Offspring Page updated. We met today Roni´s son Workaholic Mahoney and got some nice photos of him. Thank You Riitta!
2.1 Update Roni´s Info, Kami´s Info and Gallery pages updated.
1.1 Update 2007 News in here